Safety & Toolbox Meetings

Real-time job cost, budgets, hours, and progress—so you know exactly where your projects sit every day. Don’t wait for payroll to have to run to update reports just to give you outdated data.

Know Every Aspect Of Your Business

Foster a Culture of Safety, Keep Everyone Informed, Track Incidents & More.


We Can Help You Make

Safety Your Business' Priority

Keep your crews compliant with safety protocols by making it easy for them to document their safety measures. Digitally store employee work logs, photos, attachments, and notes. Automatically calculate your safety statistics and trends from TRIF, MIR, First Aid’s, and Near Misses, etc. Improve communication, faster documentation, and quality of updates by reducing the steps for submitting and documenting safety measures.

Keep Track Of

All Your Safety Statistics

Automatically calculate all safety statistics & trends on:

  • TIRF (Total Recordable Injury Frequency)
  • MIR (Medical Incident Rate)
  • First Aid Incidents
  • Near Misses
  • Etc


Additionally, digitally store employee work logs, photos, attachments, and notes. 

Real-Time Employee Data

From Any Device

Streamline managing your employees without manually updating spreadsheets. Know who is qualified to work, who has valid certificates, and who is working where. Get proactive email notifications about employees who are underqualified or maybe liability issues and have training certificates, competencies, licenses on-hand, able to be accessed by any device.