Wouldn’t It Be Nice if Timesheets Were Just Easy?

Collect hours worked for individuals or crews directly from their devices, apply cost codes, and allocate Regular, Overtime and Double Time. Seamlessly increase your accuracy and efficiency in payroll and eliminate costly invoicing errors by directly connecting Traqspera with your Spectrum® system.

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Connect field crews & office staff within one easy-to-use system. Jobs, phase codes, employee timesheets, and equipment all sync between Traqspera and your Spectrum® system.

$ 100000 +
In Staff Hours Saved Annually
9000000 +
Timesheet Hours Tracked Annually
70000 +
Spreadsheets Eliminated Annually

Collect Time Directly From Your Team 4 Easy Foolproof Ways

iPhone - Daily Entry

Individual Timesheets

Individual Time Sheets, Track Reg/OT/DT Hours, Payroll, Cost Codes etc., Supervisor approval, Equipment & resource tracking, GPS Tracking, Available On or Offline

iPad - Timesheet - Managed Crew Timesheets

Crew Timesheets

Any Device, Powered by Trimble Viewpoint Spectrum, Managed 10-50+ Employees, Track Reg/OT/DT Hours, Payroll, Cost Codes etc. Equipment & resource tracking, Available On or Offline

iPad - Clock In Clock Out

Clock In & Out App​

Any Device, Individual or Crew, Powered by Trimble Viewpoint Spectrum, Track Reg/OT/DT Hours, Payroll, Cost Codes etc., GPS Tracking Enabled, Available On or Offline

iPad - Tough Tablet - Clock In Clock Out

Pin Kiosk

LED Response, Pin Code Only, Clock In Clock Out Enabled, 10 – 500+ Employees, Link Multiple Devices, Powered by Trimble Viewpoint Spectrum, Available On or Offline

Easily collect, approve and sync your timesheets with Spectrum®

Step 1


Collect Timesheets

  • Supervisor, crew, or individual time entries
  • Mobile app on any phone, tablet, or laptop
  • Log labor, expenses & equipment usage in one place
  • Fully customizable timesheets
  • Service orders & planned maintenance orders

Step 2


Approve Hours & Expenses

  • Approve & correct entries
  • Fully customizable workflows
  • Filter by project, manager, or supervisor
  • REAL-TIME data & field Tickets
  • Manage OT & DT rules per union & state

Step 3


Sync with payroll

  • Directly export to payroll via API to Spectrum®
  • No clunky file or data transfers; Data is 100% mapped to Spectrum® database.
  • Sync employee, equipment, jobs & phase codes

Company We Keep

Simple, Comprehensive Timesheets that do it all

Everything You Need To Get Your Work Done

Collect equipment, project progress, and material data straight from the source to increase your accuracy and efficiency in payroll and eliminate costly invoicing errors. Make it easier for the office to track and predict your labor costs as your projects happen in real-time.


3 clicks & 30 seconds is all it takes to connect Traqspera with Spectrum® for fully integrated timesheets making payroll a breeze.


Spectrum® jobs, phase codes, employees & equipment all seamlessly integrate with Traqspera eliminating tedious double-entry & countless headaches.


With any mobile device, submitting timesheets in the field is as easy as 1-2-3 allowing contractors to focus on the job not tracking down timesheets.


Traqspera timesheets automatically sync with Spectrum® through a seamless, absolutely error free API integration. No exports, no imports.


“Traqspera has been a great addition to Ocean Park Mechanical and our Spectrum® system. It seamlessly integrates to allows us to complete payroll in record time while saving us time and mistakes. It was quick and easy for us to implement with friendly help along the way from their great team. They have continued to customize and optimize our system to make it perfect. Our site foremen use it every day in the field for timesheets and expenses in minutes, and we instantly have access to everything. Simply put, we wouldn’t have been able to sustain the growth we experienced over the last year if we were not using Traqspera.”

Karen McKay - Business Process Manager

Ocean Park Mechanical