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🔍 Lexicon, Inc, out of Little Rock, Arkansas, uses Traqspera for timesheets with their Spectrum® software. Learn More. 

Construction Management Software Made Easy ​

Connect Your Teams With the Critical Information, Reports, & Tools You Need to Run Your Projects From Anywhere—on Any Device.

Construction Management Software Made Easy

Traqspera is an easy to use worksite management tool that connects field crews and office staff in a straightforward app. Having all jobs, time entries, employee information, safety certificates, and incidents, equipment usage, and on-demand reporting in one place saves businesses time, money, and headaches by eliminating unnecessary paperwork, spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls.


Traqspera in the Field

Fully Mobile Construction Management & Timesheets

The Real-Time Cloud Solution For Timesheets & Worksite Management


Traqspera in the Office

Real-Time Data At Your Fingertips & Seamlessly Integrated Programs

Seamlessly Integrate With Your Accounting & Management Software

Fully Integrated Timesheet Support


Seamless Integration

Viewpoint® Spectrum®

Connect Field Crews & Office Staff Within One Easy-To-Use System. Automatically Sync Timesheets, Jobs, & Equipment Between Systems


Quick Onboarding for

Viewpoint® Vista®

Connect Your Teams With The Critical Information, Reports, & Tools You Need To Run Your Projects From Anywhere, On Any Device

Also Works With


kV Power: Empowering West Texas with Quality Work, Unmatched Safety, and Top-Notch Service Utilizing Traqspera Timesheets for Viewpoint® Spectrum®

Located in the heart of West Texas, kV Power is an electric construction and maintenance company committed to providing quality work, exceptional service, and unparalleled safety at a fair and reasonable price. With a mission to empower communities with reliable and safe power distribution solutions, kV Power is dedicated to promoting the health, safety, and wellness of its employees, customers, contractors, and communities.

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Importance Of Accurate Timesheets In 2023

Timesheets are an important tool for any construction company. While their main use is to help to track employees' time on different tasks and projects accurately, the information these timesheets collect is crucial equally for current and future projects and all stakeholders.

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More Than Just Timesheets

All-In-One App

Complete Project Management

Manage your employees’ day-to-day, week-to-week, and long-term tasks with the tools you need to easily collect accurate, detailed production data straight from the field. Jobs follow a custom-defined workflow to track and hold staff accountable.

Tool Checkout & Recovery

Asset Management & Live Reporting

Make quicker, more accurate decisions to run your jobs proactively with simple, real-time reporting at your fingertips. With no complicated menus or reporting options, create reports your team can actually use on any data point you collect. 

Data Driven

Employee & Safety Management

Automatically calculate your safety statistics & trends from TRIF, MIR, First Aid’s, and Near Misses, etc. Improve communication, faster documentation, and quality of updates by reducing the steps for submitting and documenting safety measures.

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