Daily Reports

Collect data from your crew in the field directly from their mobile devices. Track labor, equipment, progress, and material/unit data right from the source to increase payroll efficiency and eliminate costly invoicing errors.

Know Every Aspect Of Your Business

Create Real-Time Reports on Job Costs, Billout, Safety Hours & Any Other Data Point.

Real-Time Reports

Data At Your Fingertips

Make quicker, more accurate decisions to run your jobs proactively with simple, real-time reporting at your fingertips. With no complicated menus or reporting options, create reports your team can actually use on any data point you collect. Bid smarter and more efficiently on new projects with accurate, auditable data to back you up.

Collect & Report More Than Just Time

Individual & Team

Labour Hours

Log individual hours, have supervisors log their teams hours, or utilize our clock-in and clock-out function


Equipment & Vehicle Usage

Track and bill equipment usage for billing or simply track mileage or standby time

All Your Company's

Materials & Expenses

Collect data on any material, expense, or related production units to any job the moment they’re used


“We have been using Traqspera for over five months now, and have found the system to be a major time saver. Our previous processes of multiple spreadsheets and calculations has all been brought within the system, in an intuitive, user friendly way. It acts as a single portal, tracking core information that is always available in the office or on site. Initial uploading of data was painless! Excellent initial and ongoing support- couldn’t ask for more.”

Phillip D. - Commercial Manager​

VPL Contracting

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