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Earthwork & Excavation

Manage your employees’ day-to-day, week-to-week, and long-term tasks with the tools you need to easily collect accurate, detailed production data straight from the field. Jobs follow a custom-defined workflow to track and hold staff accountable. Have real-time job cost, budgets, hours, project progress as you need it. Know exactly where every project sits, every day, without waiting for payroll to run and update your reports.

Quickly Access Employee Information & Safety Reports


Real-Time Job Data

Know Everything That Is Happening at Your Fingertips

  • Make quicker, more accurate decisions to run your jobs proactively, rather than reactively.
  • Quick & Simple reporting means you get the numbers you need in 30 seconds or less.
  • No complex menus or reporting options. Reports your team can actually use (rather than those complex accounting ones).

Connect Field Crews & Office Staff Within One Easy-To-Use System. Automatically Sync Timesheets, Jobs, & Equipment Between Systems


View Reports

Run up-to-the-Minute Reports on Virtually Any Data​

 Your team can quickly & easily view reports at their fingertips:

  • Job Cost
  • Job Billout
  • Total Job Hours
  • Safety Hours
  • Employee Hours

Connect Your Teams With The Critical Information, Reports, & Tools You Need To Run Your Projects From Anywhere, On Any Device.

Try Traqspera for Business' of any size

Collect data from your crew in the field directly from their mobile devices. Track labor, equipment, progress, and material/unit data right from the source to increase payroll efficiency and eliminate costly invoicing errors.

Know Where your Projects Sit —At Any time


Job Overviews

Each job follows a custom defined workflow, so you can track and hold staff accountable, know exactly where all your jobs are at, and what you’re waiting on to finish and get paid.

job status

Track Job Status

Track the status, requirements, and completion of each job. Jobs can be assigned, as well as the stages and tasks within jobs can have assignees and projected due dates to give you the big picture of where everything sits.



Upload attachments so that crews have all the information they need while in the field. Take pictures on any device and attach them to any project.

Collect & Report More Than Just Time


Individual & Team

Labour Hours

Log individual hours, have supervisors log their teams hours, or utilize our clock-in and clock-out function



Equipment & Vehicle Usage

Track and bill equipment usage for billing or simply track mileage or standby time


All Your Company's

Materials & Expenses

Collect data on any material, expense, or related production units to any job the moment they’re used


Company Name

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