In The Office

Keep the team in the office in the loop with real-time progress updates. From real-time timesheets to tool and asset management, Traqspera provides an innovative, easy-to-use system that helps you eliminate spreadsheets, paper, emails, and most importantly, wasted time and unnecessary costs.

All the features & functionality you need to run any project big or small.

Traqspera is a cloud platform that helps contractors simplify their operations and eliminate wasted time. All problems are solved by centralizing everything in one tool. Office and field crews are seamlessly connected with all the information & tools they need.


Real-Time Timesheets

Clock in single or crew entries from any device. Collect labour, equipment, material, or units/accomplishments. Get the information correct at Step 1, rather than tracking down mistakes.

Employee Management

Track employee statuses, work locations, and history. Searchable database of all past, present, and future employees along with their training.

Asset Management

Track assets, equipment, tools, who’s responsible, and ensure maintenance, inspections, certifications are always up to date. Barcode and scan tools to eliminate loss/theft/misplacement.

Safety & Training Management

Track employee training credentials, safety incidents, statistics & trends, safety manuals, documents, and procedures.

Instant Reporting & Stats

Job costs, hours, budgets, and equipment utilization, safety, employee training, and equipment certification & maintenance is always live and up to date at your fingertips.

Job & Project Management

Track progress, statuses, tasks, due dates, assignees, and documents. Increase accountability by always knowing whose court the ball is in.

Collect Time Directly From Your Team 4 Easy Foolproof Ways


From Any Device

Individual Timesheets

Have each employee enter their own hours via their personal mobile device. Enable GPS tracking to keep tabs on everyone.

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Crew Timesheets

Have a manager or supervisor enter time entries for up to 10 workers removing the need for individual devices.


Time Clock

Have your crew sign-in and sign-out at one space using individual pin numbers as identification and know exactly who is on-site at all times.

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RFID Badge

Time Clock

Built construction tough, Traqspera’s RFID Badge Time Clock lets your crews sign-in and sign-out with 1 tap.

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Traqspera Is More Than Just Timesheets


All In One App

Complete Project Management

Manage your employees’ day-to-day, week-to-week, and long-term tasks with the tools you need to easily collect accurate, detailed production data straight from the field. Jobs follow a custom-defined workflow to track and hold staff accountable.


Tool Checkout & Recovery

Asset Management & Live Reporting

Make quicker, more accurate decisions to run your jobs proactively with simple, real-time reporting at your fingertips. With no complicated menus or reporting options, create reports your team can actually use on any data point you collect. 



Employee & Safety Management

Automatically calculate your safety statistics & trends from TRIF, MIR, First Aid’s, and Near Misses, etc. Improve communication, faster documentation, and quality of updates by reducing the steps for submitting and documenting safety measures.

Built for contractors, by contractors

Having all jobs, time, employees, safety, equipment, and reporting in one place saves everyone time, money, and headaches by eliminating unnecessary paperwork, spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls. Manage all your teams at a distance with full transparency and real-time information.

Real-Time Job Reports & Analytics

Real-Time Job Cost, Hours, and Budget. Not last weeks report. Traqspera gives you the real-time, birds-eye view of your projects at your fingertips.

Eliminate paper, spreadsheets, and emails

Get rid of error prone spreadsheets, and quit wasting your time buried in paper and emails. How can you drive profits if you’re stuck pushing paper?

Solve problems before they become PROBLEMS

Most times catching a small problem prevents it from becoming a much larger problem. This can be accomplished with increased visibility by giving all your staff the tools they need to become unified.

Office + Field staff on the same page

Eliminate disorganization by getting everyone the same page and seeing the big picture. Connect office and field workers in one unified system, so there’s no more miscommunication.

Access everything, anywhere, from any device

Whether you’re in the office, on site, or on the side of the road, you’re always connected to all critical information, reports, and tools you need to run your projects and crews.

Single source of truth

With everything in one place, and one place only, it’s always up to date, and never incorrect. Much more effective than having 10 different spreadsheets floating around.

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