kV Power: Empowering West Texas with Quality Work, Unmatched Safety, and Top-Notch Service Utilizing Traqspera Timesheets for Viewpoint® Spectrum®

Located in the heart of West Texas, kV Power is an electric construction and maintenance company committed to providing quality work, exceptional service, and unparalleled safety at a fair and reasonable price. With a mission to empower communities with reliable and safe power distribution solutions, kV Power is dedicated to promoting the health, safety, and wellness of its employees, customers, contractors, and communities.

At kV Power, safety is not just a priority—it’s a way of life. Their teams are trained to create a safe and healthy work environment that minimizes the risk of workplace injuries and accidents. By ensuring that their employees follow the highest safety standards, kV Power can provide their customers with the peace of mind that their projects will be completed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

kV Power’s Energy Services Divisions

kV Power’s Energy Services Division offers turnkey solutions for modern-day grid operations. They specialize in integrating renewable energy sources and improving grid resiliency, reliability, and efficiency. With a proven track record of industry leadership and performance, kV Power is a trusted partner that can help customers migrate to more sustainable power distribution solutions.

When disaster strikes, kV’s Power Division rises to the challenge. With a vast fleet of specialized equipment and experienced personnel, they are always prepared to mobilize immediately and operate under the most adverse conditions. Whether restoring power after a hurricane or responding to an emergency, customers can rely on kV Power to be there when they need it most.

kV Power provides a full scope of construction and maintenance services for electrical transmission and distribution systems. Their teams have the expertise and equipment to efficiently install and maintain transmission systems of any configuration, length, and voltage in any region and terrain. From remote and challenging environments to densely populated urban areas, kV Power can tackle any project.

Timesheets With Traqspera

As kV Power continues to expand and offer more services, they often have multiple teams working on different job sites at any time. With Traqspera’s integration with Viewpoint® Spectrum®, these teams can easily log their time from the field in real-time.

Traqspera’s timesheets can be entered by a supervisor maintaining multiple employees’ timesheets in the app. Employees can also log labor, expenses, and equipment usage all in one place, and timesheets are fully customizable to fit each company’s unique workflow.

Supervisors can easily approve and correct entries in Traqspera, and all data is filterable by project, manager, or supervisor. Traqspera also allows for full management of overtime and double-time rules based on union and state requirements.

Real-Time Timesheet Data

Data and reports are available in real-time, allowing kV Power to respond efficiently to changing job site needs. Exporting data to Spectrum® is as easy as a single click through a secure API, eliminating the need for clunky file transfers. Data is seamlessly synced between Traqspera and Spectrum®, ensuring that all employees, equipment, job, and phase codes are accurate.

Traqspera is proud to work alongside kV Power to streamline its time-tracking workflow. In the future, we look forward to reviewing the time and cost savings they have achieved through Traqspera to shape our product and Spectrum® integration further.

If your team uses Viewpoint® Spectrum® and is interested in a timesheet solution that can be used on any device, anywhere, schedule a free, no-obligation demo today to learn more about Traqspera can help streamline your time-tracking process.