Why You Need A Better Project Management Tool

For years, a project manager’s typical day on a construction site included stacks of paper forms and a pocket of half-dead pens, large blueprints stained with coffee, and dust encrusted calculators.

Even if they are operating digitally, it usually means countless email chains with outdated spreadsheets lost in their inboxes. While there are still those who use these offline tools, most management has adopted digital tools and technologies as they’ve become available.

Where do these digital tools fail?

While most of the processes needed to run an efficient construction site have moved to cloud-based digital software and tools, there has been a massive disconnect between those providing the data and those who need the information for planning. Or even worse, because the software was created to manage a specific problem in a silo, the tools do not communicate with each other leading to unnecessary (error-prone) manual intervention.

Bad data causes big problems—for every department.

Not just a problem for project managers, flawed software can cause issues for those working with the administrative systems. The disconnect between digital tools often leads to double-entry errors, differences in numbers between employees (if you can read their chicken scratch at all), and lost time due to the redundant manual processes.

Management’s problems don’t stop at the job site either – inefficient and incorrect timesheets lead to false project invoices and project financials. When dealing with the moving parts of a construction project, having up to date data and reports at your team’s fingertips is that much more crucial. Not having that information, in turn, creates problems for other departments who then make decisions for the company while limited in their ability to understand the complete financial picture.

While Traqspera seamlessly integrates with several third-party platforms like Viewpoint’s Spectrum and products, Quickbooks, and Microsoft Dynamics, it is also a fully functional standalone product perfect for small and midsized construction companies. Traqspera features timesheets, project management, asset and resource management, robust reporting, and safety management. All built right in. House your entire team, worksite to office, in one simple to use app.

One source of data truth

With Traqspera’s construction management solution hosted in the cloud, you connect the office directly to the field for more accurate, timely data and decision-making abilities. Project managers, executives, accounts payable, and the entire team can access real-time project information and the workflow needed to get the job done. And it’s data that can be trusted—checkpoints and approval by stakeholders can verify information as it’s added.

As construction management tools and software have continually evolved over the past decade, an all-in-one software platform like Traqspera’s benefits has become apparent. Mobile forward, cloud-based programs empower employees to work faster and smarter – ultimately making your projects more profitable. To learn more about how Traqspera can provide your project managers with the tools they need to get the job done, contact us to set up a no-obligation demo.

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