Strategies to Improve Construction Productivity & Efficiency With Traqspera

For a construction company of any size, continuous improvement to both the processes and tools they use to run their business is key to increasing the efficiency and, as a result, the profit of their projects.

At Traqspera, we are passionate about helping construction companies streamline and innovate their business with our project and asset management platform.

With this in mind, we’ve put together our list of some practical ways you can increase the efficiency of your construction company’s project utilizing the Traspera Platform in your day-to-day business. 

Remove Manual Administrative Work

Chances are, there are several processes within your construction company that still heavily rely on a human being manually facilitating the bulk of the action. Which also means you are prone to data entry error. Even if you’ve taken significant steps to remove antiqued systems like paper timesheets, many companies are still relying heavily on offline tools like spreadsheets and sending documents back and forth through email attachments. Outside of wasting time, simple human oversight and error opportunities can cause huge losses or employee dissatisfaction.

Traqspera tackles this issue head-on with our seamless integration with the industry’s leading accounting and project management systems like Quickbooks®, SAGE®, and Viewpoint’s® Spectrum®. Data moves quickly between the Traqspera platform and your other software with three easy clicks or our error-free API integrations.

Identify Your Best Workers

Do you have team members who consistently help increase productivity, embrace technology, and process improvements on the job site? One of the simplest ways to improve your high-performing employees’ job satisfaction is to actively acknowledge and celebrate their efforts. Having these pivotal members on the ground drives your company’s momentum to increase efficiency and drive significant business results critical to your business’s success. These are also the individuals you cannot afford to lose amidst a skilled labor shortage.

Utilizing Traqspera’s real-time data, easily pull reports on individual or team hours worked, equipment and vehicle usage, mileage, and even standby time. Break down your employees’ day across multiple data points at your fingertips in one easily accessible source of truth, whether you’re in the field or the office. Long term, track your employee data over time to track trends, get in front of potential issues, and efficiently identify your best workers for acknowledgment.

Employ The Right Digital Technology

With increasing efficiency, having a strategy that involves all project members adopting technology can be one of the fastest paths with the biggest payoff. Besides looking for tools that automate critical workflows, several essential features of the technology, you are using on the construction site to consider are:

  • Collaborative, Real-Time Data: With a constant flow of information needed from both the field and the office, having up-to-date vetted data synced in one application available to everyone means decisions are based on the most realistic view of the project available. Reduce delays, downtime, and rework downstream by tracking your entire project from labor hours to vehicle usage to first aid incidents and more. 
  • Secure Historical Data & Statistics: As vital as it is to monitor a project as it happens, as noted above, having easily accessible historical data on completed projects allows you to quickly and confidently bid on future projects. Run any report on your completed projects in your Traqspera platform to inform your next proposal for more streamlined projects.
  • Asset & Resource Coordination. It’s about more than just tracking your team’s timesheets. A well-coordinated project can result in millions of dollars saved and a project that stays on schedule. All within Traqspera upload required documentation, blueprints, and other resources and instantly put them in the hands of everyone who needs them or get visual updates and job statuses right from the field with a few simple clicks.
  • Onsite & Remote Risk Management: When it comes to managing risk on construction projects, it is all about having access to the right data at the right time. With the right tools like Traqspera, teams can proactively reduce risk with instant visibility to their daily priorities, a simple snapshot of an individual project’s health, and insights into project-wide performance. Each job in Traqspera follows a custom-defined workflow designed to fit your business and get you paid faster (and accurately).

As you continue to improve the tools and processes you use in your day-to-day operation, utilizing digital products like Traqspera’s platform will help you increase your business’ efficiency, and with that – your profit margin. 

If you are not currently a Traqspera customer, you can unlock the power of having real-time job cost, budgets, hours, and project progress at your fingertips by contacting us today to set up your no obligations demo. 

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