Traqspera: Integrated timesheet solution for Viewpoint® Spectrum®

Traqspera was built for construction companies directly with construction companies.

Created by deskbound tech nerds, technology built for the worksite can be bloated with useless features and overly complicated. Traqspera was founded on the job site. As a team of programmers, we created Traqspera layer by layer alongside the guys in the field, in our work boots, to build an all-in-one tool to help them directly solve the problems they were dealing with.

Even as companies adopt advance site management software like Viewpoint® Spectrum®, their companies are often falling flat when it comes to managing employee timesheets in a way that allows for real-time reporting and confirmed data. Spreadsheets are not the answer either. Field teams are continuously working with out-of-date or completely wrong information between the inability to enforce validation and mismatched versions living in people’s emails.

This lack of communication between the ground crew and the office costs a company time, money, good staff, and long-standing relationships with clients. We knew there had to be a better way. 

Traqspera seamlessly integrates with Spectrum® to connect field crews and office staff within one easy-to-use system. Jobs, phase codes, employees, and equipment all sync with Traqspera automatically.

Employees record their hours, equipment, and expenses through a phone, laptop, or tablet. The entries then get approved and exported into Spectrum® with just a few clicks, eliminating the tedious double-entry and countless headaches of paper and spreadsheets. Timesheets are customizable to include all field capture requirements while remaining simple and easy to use, whether your 21 or 61. 

Traqspera works alongside Spectrum®, connecting your teams with the critical information, reports, and tools you need to run your projects at the highest efficiency — from anywhere, and on any device. Stop wasting time and money on spreadsheets, paper, and emails that leave your company one step behind. 

Discover how Traqspera can save you time, money, and headaches. Contact us, and let us get your business on Traq.

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