Case Study

Summit Electric

Company Size: 80 Employees



Traqspera is vital to our operations and has made our business more efficient. The easy to use software has everything in one place, enabling supervisors to have control over employees, tools, assets, and safety incidents, which in turn allows me to focus on the bigger picture.

— Rob Couturier, President/Owner of Summit Electric


Traqspera's Results at a Glance

  • Dramatically reduced volumes of emails, spreadsheets, and paperwork
  • Reduced lost and stolen tools and assets (saving $40,000 the first year)
  • Improved Project Efficiency
  • Improved Employee Organization & Productivity
  • Reduced billing & employee time errors
  • Increased revenue and employee morale

President/Owner of Summit Electric, Rob Couturier, wanted a simple solution to organize his company across many locations and track and manage his teams and equipment at work sites so that he could focus on the bigger picture. From employee time and training, accessing essential documents, safety incident reporting, and simple tracking of all assets and tools being used on his work sites, Traqspera offered him a simple solution to manage it all in one place, rather than running multiple systems that don’t work together, or can’t be used by employees and supervisors on work sites.

Rob Couturier said, “Since implementing Traqspera, we now have instant access to all employee information in real-time, ensuring we have the right team at each work site. It enables our site supervisors to easily record the timesheets of every employee on his team daily, which gives us a real-time view of our project’s progress. This ensures that we meet project deadlines and budgets, bill our clients accurately, and pay our crew correctly: which increases our revenue and improves employee morale.”

The Traqspera solution has also lead to significant cost savings in other areas of the company. It helped eliminate the loss of tools and assets at worksites: a regular occurrence before using Traqspera. Rob Couturier said, “We used to lose thousands of dollars in lost or stolen tools every month. Traqspera provided an easy way to monitor everything at the worksite, and hold crew accountable, which has resulted in eliminating almost all of these losses. At a glance, we know where our tools and equipment are, who is using it, and if it gets returned at the end of the day or project. This directly improves our bottom line.”

“Using Traqspera’s Safety Management module, our worksites have become safer. We can analyze trends, and be proactive in communication and ensure incidents are prevented. When an accident does happen, it is now instantly recorded, and its status and follow-up can be tracked in real-time.

There are significant consequences if employees use equipment or perform tasks for which they aren’t sufficiently trained or if their certification has expired. Couturier said, “Traqspera’s Training Management feature keeps copies of all employee training certifications, so our site supervisors always have the information they need at their fingertips.”

With his supervisors’ ability to use Traqspera’s system on the worksite and take control of all elements, Couturier found that the level of accountability significantly increased. The emails, spreadsheets, and paperwork nearly disappeared. “I already had loyal employees, but having the ability to ensure everybody gets paid on time, and being able to track all the tools and equipment, has encouraged them to maintain their loyalty and, more importantly, their organization.”

Couturier concludes, “Traqspera is an easy to use tool that improves our bottom line, organizes everything in one place, and makes everyone’s work-life easier. By putting the devices in the supervisors’ hands, they have the control needed to ensure their projects run successfully.