Lean Construction With Traqspera

While ‘Lean Construction’ is not a new concept, many construction professionals don’t know precisely what it is or how to apply it effectively.

Even when we look at the oldest generation of the workforce, they agree that mobile technology is more efficient and offers a measure of accuracy that pen and paper can not provide. 

Traqspera has created a mobile app available on any device — anywhere that supports enabling your company to take a lean approach to construction.

So What Exactly Is Lean Construction?

Lean construction is a series of processes and policies to minimize the waste of materials, employee time, and effort in order to generate the maximum possible amount of value to clients.

In North America, lean construction has become heavily associated with digital inventory applications, where companies receive and track materials through computer software, allowing them to keep less on hand. While this is part of it, lean construction involves much more than effective inventory management.

Lean construction offers you a framework for improving the entire construction process, from concept through completion. These rely on the pillars of continuous improvements, improving time and material waste, increasing client satisfaction, and enhancing employee fulfillment and happiness.

How Does Traqspera Help Your Business Run Leaner?

Traqspera helps you work within this framework with a heavy focus on planning and standardization across your entire organization and the flow of data directly from the crew on the job site to the office’s administration.

  • Continuous Improvement – Most times, catching a small problem in step 1 instead of at later stages of the project can help prevent issues from becoming a much larger problem. Traqspera enables you to increase visibility on every part of your project using real-time data and the ability to run any report anytime — allowing you to know exactly where your projects sits at any time.
  • Improving Time and Material Waste – With everything in one place within Traqspera, you can always ensure data is always up to date and never incorrect. Track assets, equipment, tools, who’s responsible, and provide maintenance, inspections, certifications on demand. Barcode, scan, and track tools to eliminate loss, theft, and misplacement. Clock in crew timesheet entries from any device. 
  • Increasing Client Satisfaction – Whether you’re in the office, on-site, or on the side of the road, you are always connected to the critical information, reports, and tools you need to run your projects. Get rid of error-prone spreadsheets, and quit wasting your time buried in paper and emails. With Traqspera, your projects will come in on time and on budget.
  • Enhancing Employee Fulfillment And Happiness – Employee training credentials, safety incidents, statistics & trends, safety manuals, documents, and procedures are all held within the Traqspera system and available across your company in real-time. Timesheets are collected digitally, eliminating errors and incorrect data, ensuring everyone gets paid correctly and on time. 

What Are the Benefits of Lean Construction?

Lean construction streamlines nearly every stage of the construction process across all your teams, requiring them to work together more closely and build innovation into every project. Although how much a company gets out of lean construction depends on how the philosophy is implemented, Traqspera can help you streamline your process to encourage on-time project completion, high-quality work, increased worker satisfaction, and better risk management.

Lean Construction Is A Better Way to Tackle Construction

Lean construction has gained popularity for a reason, and technology plays a vital role in the success and continued improvement of your work. When implemented thoughtfully, this concept allows construction teams to complete jobs more efficiently and more successfully, all while making clients and workers happy.

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