Knobelsdorff Power Services Utilizing Traqspera Timesheets for Viewpoint® Spectrum®

Traqspera is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Knobelsdorff. Since its founding, Knobelsdorff has been a leading provider of automation, electrical, engineering, renewable energy, and power services to clients across the country. As a growing company with multiple teams working on different job sites at any time, Knobelsdorff has turned to Traqspera's simple timesheet features seamlessly integrated with their Viewpoint® Spectrum® apps. As a Viewpoint® strategic partner, Traqspera provides premiere timesheet support for the Spectrum® and Vista® products via direct API for an error-free, real-time experience.

Knobelsdorff is a leading automation, electrical, engineering, renewable energy, and power services provider. With locations in Goodhue, MN, as well as satellite offices in Denver/Commerce City, CO; Marshall, MN; Saginaw, Bryan; and Corpus Christi, TX, the company has served clients across the country for many years.

Knobelsdorff’s automation division is a key part of the company, offering expertise in process controls system integration serving the manufacturing, grain, feed, flour, and food processing industries. As an EPC contractor, Knobelsdorff’s energy division provides engineering, procurement, and construction services for the renewable energy market and contract O&M services. The Power Services division at Knobelsdorff is dedicated to keeping electrical systems compliant, safe, and efficient. This includes various services from substations to final plant power distribution and 24/7/365 emergency services.

Knobelsdorff’s Commitment to GSD

Knobelsdorff is known for its commitment to getting things done safely and efficiently, and its unique approach has made it a standout in the industry.

As Knobelsdorff continues to expand and offer more services, they often have multiple teams working on different job sites at any time. With Traqspera’s integration with Viewpoint® Spectrum®, these teams can easily log their time from the field in real time. 

Traqspera’s timesheets can be entered by a supervisor maintaining multiple employees’ timesheets in the app. Employees can also log labor, expenses, and equipment usage all in one place, and timesheets are fully customizable to fit each company’s unique workflow.

Tracking Timesheets In Traspera

Supervisors can easily approve and correct entries in Traqspera, and all data is filterable by project, manager, or supervisor. Traqspera also allows for full management of overtime and double-time rules based on union and state requirements. 

Data and reports are available in real-time, allowing Knobelsdorff to respond efficiently to changing job site needs.

Exporting data to Spectrum® is as easy as a single click through a secure API, eliminating the need for clunky file transfers. Data is seamlessly synced between Traqspera and Spectrum®, ensuring that all employees, equipment, job, and phase codes are accurate.

Traqspera is proud to work alongside Knobelsdorff to streamline its time-tracking workflow. In the future, we look forward to reviewing the time and cost savings they have achieved through the use of Traqspera to shape our product and Spectrum® integration further.

If your team uses Viewpoint® Spectrum® and is interested in a timesheet solution that can be used on any device, anywhere, schedule a free, no-obligation demo today.