Construction Technology Trends For 2022 Q3 & Q4

It can seem daunting to consider adding a digital project management tool or cloud-based timesheet tool to your construction company's arsenal. Implementing industry-specific software will help monitor resources, manage schedules, maintain project timelines, etc.

Offline project management tools, like spreadsheets, logbooks, and paper signout sheets, will allow stakeholders to work together on project priorities and collaborate at a microscale. In contrast, complex digital tracking of crews, equipment, and project progress is required when multiple teams and stakeholders are in play. 

Technology specifically developed for construction site project management like Traqspera will enable enterprises to gather and exchange project specifications, define job tasks and workflows, assign and monitor resources, and manage schedules and project timelines, budgets, and deliverables.

Here are 5 areas you can add tech to your construction business: 

1) Tech-Enabled Protective Equipment & Tools

The construction industry is witnessing a rise of machines capable of identifying common safety issues and eliminating human-caused margins of error. Wearable innovations are making their way to the job site with work boots that connect to Wi-Fi and alert others if a person has fallen. Material-moving machinery can transport heavy or hazardous materials or even tasked robots construct scaffolding or lay bricks autonomously. 

Beyond PPE gear, we already see robots and AI changing the jobs humans do. In most cases, augmenting human decision-making (like deciphering and translating data findings into actionable insights) and making room for different, higher-level jobs.

2) The Rising Need For The Latest Tech

The biggest differentiator for builders and developers winning bids will likely come down to the technology they utilize in their day-to-day processes.

Cloud-enabled technology improves relationships in the construction industry by providing a more secure and fast-moving workflow that allows all stakeholders, regardless of location, access. And a single source of truth means everyone knows what’s going on at every moment.

3) Drones Onsite

Drone use in the construction industry is still one of the fastest-growing trends, with utilization up 239 percent in the last year. The technology offers far more than aerial photography for real estate and commercial endeavors. Drones can now efficiently map enormous areas over great distances, resulting in useful airborne heat maps and thermal photos. The latest drone software gives real-time, actionable data that can be used to make quick decisions, expediting the entire construction process even further.

3) Laborers & Recruitment 

The dramatic increase in labor demand has been one of the most visible industry trends in recent years. To remain viable, the construction industry needs to continually target Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2010, in their recruiting efforts. Shortsighted opinions of trade schools have hampered efforts to acquire new construction talent in the past, and the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted people’s minds about alternate education possibilities positively.

5) Offsite Construction

Prefabricated building is in the midst of a multi-year boom that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Prefab construction is seeing a multi-year boom that shows no signs of slowing down. Due to the shortage of experienced laborers and advancements in cost-cutting technologies, the prefabricated modular market, dominated by the residential sector, will expand to about $110 billion in value by 2025.

As innovations in construction continue to evolve to meet the industry’s needs, an all-in-one software platform like Traqspera has become a key part of any construction organization as construction management tools and reliable timesheet software continues to grow. 

Traqspera’sTraqspera’s construction management software is cloud-based, allowing you to connect the office and the field for more accurate, fast data and decision-making.

If your business is already utilizing an ERP software such as Trimble Viewpoint® Spectrum®, adding Traqspera as a timesheet solution equips your team with a seamless time tracking option. Employees work faster and smarter using Traqspera’sTraqspera’s mobile-first, cloud-based solutions, resulting in more profitable projects.

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