Case Study: Cascade Environmental Project Introduction

Join us as we take a deep dive into our project with partner Cascade Environmental as we showcase our seamless timesheet integration with Viewpoint® Spectrum® that will allow them to easily empower employees to log labor, expenses, equipment usage all in one place, and produce timesheets that are fully customizable to fit Cascade’s unique workflow.

Earlier this year, Traqspera announced our partnership with Cascade Environmental and its subsidiaries. In the subsequent months, we have been rolling out our seamless timesheet integration with their Viewpoint® Spectrum® enterprise resource planning software to them and their subsidiaries.

As the leading timesheet option for Viewpoint® Spectrum® that offers 2-way sync and a seamless flow of timesheet data from the crews in the field to the team in the office, Traqspera is proud to team up with clients like Cascade Environmental, their subsidiaries, and international partners as they deliver reliable services worldwide.

About Cascade Environmental

Founded in 1991, Cascade Drilling operated across three states as one of the most highly regarded Northwest U.S. regional drilling companies. From the start, Cascade has been known industrywide as having a reputation for safety, service, and reliability, emphasizing more traditional drilling techniques utilizing auger, rotary, and direct push technology.

As a national, full-service company, Cascade offers innovative solutions to every step of their customer’s projects, from environmental and geotechnical drilling to advanced site characterization in both situ and ex-situ remediation applications. Cascade’s diverse portfolio of environmental, investigation, and remediation services are evidence of their continued ability to complete even the most challenging projects on time and budget.

Cascade Environmental: Drilling

Cascades experts understand that the importance of accurate sampling regardless of geological condition. Whether a discrete or representative sample is needed, their experienced crews can obtain samples from soil, rock, even when faced with the most difficult subsurface conditions. Cascade offers a full range of environmental drilling and sampling services for nearly any application. 

Cascade’s Drilling Services include conducting:

  • Soil Sampling
  • Soil Gas Sampling
  • Groundwater Sampling
  • Vertical Aquifer Profiling
  • Bedrock Coring

Cascade’s Environmental: Technical Services

Cascade provides services for every project phase, from initial site characterization through remediation, to allow their clients to acquire better data, build more accurate conceptual site models, and develop, design, and implement more effective remedies.

Cascade offers the most comprehensive suite of characterizations and remediation capabilities in the industry, with in-house expertise and practical know-how to help their clients meet any site characterization or remediation implementation challenge. These capabilities can be combined to provide more dynamic, streamlined, and cost-effective remediation approaches than ever before, allowing their clients to save their clients time and money, make better lifecycle decisions, and provide more continuity of services.

Technology, Safety, Sustainability, and Human Potential.

By integrating technology, safety, sustainability, and human potential to tackle the challenging environment on geotechnical issues faced by their clients, Cascade has become more than an environmental drilling contractor. Cascade Environmental now provides a full range of environmental investigation, sonic drilling, and remediation services and technologies, including; environmental services, high-resolution site characterization, sonic drilling services, and remediation services.

Cascades subsidiaries, Aquifer Drilling & Testing, TerraTherm, Panther Technologies, and GeoSierra, all operate under the values of safety, excellence, passion, growth, diversity, and One Cascade:

“We believe in sharing equally our successes and failures. Through transparency, integrity, accountability, and trust, we work together to achieve our goals.”

– Cascade Environmental

Traqspera Timesheets Seamless Integration with Viewpoint® Spectrum®

In the last 25+ years, Cascade has grown from a Northwest U.S. regional drilling company into a national, full-service organization offering innovative solutions to every project step. Cascade Environmental utilizes Spectrum® by Viewpoint® as their day-to-day project and employee management application to manage their company’s numerous projects and employees. Traqspera works closely with a large number of Spectrum® users to provide a seamlessly integrated timesheet option for their platform—that works on any device. Anywhere.

As a robust, web-based ERP solution with leading-edge tools for construction management, Spectrum® allows contractors of any size to work in real-time, no matter where the work takes them. From accounting to project management, equipment, and materials management, service management, document control, HR and payroll, inventory, reporting, and much more. We created Traqspera’s easy-to-use Spectrum® timesheet integration to ensure collecting the data the Spectrum® platform needs from the source—the workers with boots on the ground—was as easy and simplistic as possible.

3 Easy Ways To Enter Time

As they continue to grow and extend their services, Cascade deploys a large number of teams on the ground at any one time, often at multiple job sites. With Traqpsera’s timesheet integration with Viewpoint® Spectrum®, these teams can easily log their time from the field as they work in real-time. Our easy-to-use input means teams can choose which method works best for them and their workflow.

Traqspera timesheets can have hours entered via three main methods;

A supervisor can enter the hours for up to 10 employees, or an employee can enter their start and end time manually in our easy app interface or the easiest and most preferred method—employees can simply clock in and clock out via a single button on their app. Employees can log labor, expenses, equipment usage in one place, and timesheets are fully customizable to fit each company’s unique workflow.

Supervisors can approve and correct all entries entered into Traqspera with all data filterable by the project, manager, or supervisor. Full manage the overtime and double-time rules per union and state, and receive all your projects data and reports in real-time instead of payrolls schedule allowing you to be better equipped to respond to the ever-changing worksite.

When you are ready to export your data to Spectrum®, it is done with one click via secure API. There is no clunky file or data uploads and transfers, and data is 100% mapped to the Spectrum® database. All employee, equipment, jobs, and phase codes seamlessly sync between both Traqspera and Spectrum®.

The Next Steps For Cascade Environmental and Traqspera

Traqspera is proud to be working alongside Cascade to finalize the onboarding of their employees and subsidiaries into the Traqspera integration with their Viewpoint® Spectrum® app. While our team will be supporting them along the way, we are excited to review their timesheet tracking statistics after a period of time to see exactly how much time (and money) we’ve saved them by optimizing their time-tracking workflow!
If your team uses Viewpoint® Spectrum® and is looking for a timesheet option that will work on any device, anywhereschedule a FREE no obligations demo today.

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