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Traqspera is a cloud-based tool that maximises your company’s

productivity and accuracy by providing real-time reports.

Stop Wasting Time and Money

Your reputation depends on delivering projects on time and on budget, but this becomes difficult when operations are managed by a team working with piles of unorganized paperwork. With no coordination with the worksite team, simple tasks such as submitting timesheets and accessing employees’ information become a headache.

Traqspera is an easy to use, cloud-based management system which eliminates the paperwork that slows you down, giving you and your team the information and tools needed to make the right decisions.

We have revolutionized commercial and industrial worksites around the world, making them more efficient by eliminating the manual processes that waste their time and money.

Take control of your systems to deliver on time and on budget

Get Instant Answers with Real-Time Reports

Employees & Training Management

Get full access to all the information you need to manage your team with complete confidence. View all of your employees’ training credentials, certifications, availability, and current location to assemble the right team for each project.  

Asset Management

Companies lose thousands of dollars due to their tools going missing but they don’t have to. Our easy-to-use checkout scanner ensures you know who’s using your equipment, bringing a new level of care and accountability to stop your tools from going missing.

Time & Billing

Processing timesheets and bills via paper is a long and messy process that leaves too much room for error. Save hours of time by logging information into our system and submit it with the click of a button.

Safety Management

Make a safer worksite for everyone by analyzing real-time safety statistics and trends to plan your projects. Should you need to access certain information, don’t dig into boxes of old paperwork, get instant access with Traqspera.

“Traqspera is vital to our operations and has made our business more efficient. The easy to use software has everything in one place, enabling supervisors to have control over employees, tools, assets, and safety incidents, which in turn allows me to focus on the bigger picture.”

— Rob Couturier, President/Owner of Summit Electric

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