Employees & Training Management

Traqspera will revolutionize the way you manage your team. Crew jobs efficiently with a searchable employee management system that gives you essential information like locations, training and availability at your fingertips. With this powerful and easy to use solution, you will know exactly where your team is and have complete confidence that they are trained and certified for the job.


Search & Maintain Training Credentials

Ensuring your team are properly trained and certified for the work site is vital to the safety and success of your project. Traqspera gives you easy, instant access to your employee’s training credentials and certificates so you can assemble the right team to get the job done.


Manage Crew Locations

Imagine knowing where your entire crew are and who is available across multiple work sites, anywhere in the world. Traqspera makes this a reality, in real-time. When an employee enters their time, Traqspera automatically updates their location, giving you the ability to run your operations more efficiently.

Asset Management

Traqspera eliminates the costly loss of tools and equipment across your entire operation, with easy management and real-time tracking of your assets. Reduce time spent searching for an asset and hold your employees accountable for the vehicles, tools and equipment they are using, with Traqspera’s simple but effective asset checkout scanner.

Eliminate Tool Loss

Know exactly where all of your assets are across all work sites and eliminate the loss, theft and misplacing of tools that is so costly to your business every year. Hold your employees accountable with Traqspera’s easy to use scan function that quixkly scans tools in and out, and assigns it to the person who is using it.

Quickly Locate Your Assets

When you’re working across multiple work sites in many different locations, it’s easy to lose track of an asset. Traqspera’s simple and effective asset management system means you can track and organize the locations of all your vehicles, equipment and tools. Anytime, anywhere.

Safety Management

Traqspera’s complete safety management system makes your business compliant and your work sites safer. Record your incidents, retrieve all of your safety documentation, and analyze your safety statistics and trends in real-time.

Analyze Real-Time Statistics

Be more informed when making important decisions by analyzing real-time safety statistics and trends. Traqspera gives you instant access to figures such as your Total Recordable Incident Frequency (TRIF) which will help you deal with potential problems before they happen, making your work site a safer place.

Effectively Manage Safety Incidents

Traqspera effectively reduces the impact of safety incidents on your business. Record an incident and see instantly how it affects your numbers. Easily attach incident reports, follow-ups, and action plans so you can make sure you prevent similar incidents happening in the future.

Instantly Access Safety Documentation

Wouldn’t life be easier if you didn’t need to carry so many boxes of paperwork around? Traqspera makes it easy to retrieve all the up-to-date safety documentation and forms you need, from anywhere in the world. Reducing your paperwork and your headaches.

Time & Billing

Traqspera makes the difficult task of collecting your employee’s timesheets easy, and billing clients more accurate. No matter where you are in the world, you can collect timesheets and asset usage across multiple work sites, all in one central place. Traqspera then consolidates that vital information into simple reports that allow you to pay your employees on time and bill your customers without errors.

Instantly Track Man-Hours

Make the right decisions with real-time access to the man-hours that have been recorded on every single job. Traqspera gives you the power to deliver on time and on budget, from one easy to use management solution.

Collect Employee Time. Anywhere.

Forget the piles of paperwork and endless spreadsheets. Traqspera makes it easy to collect time from your employees, anywhere in the world. From a remote Arctic camp to projects spread across thirty different locations, all you have to do is login and the hours are there in one easy to manage place. Meaning you can pay your crew on time and bill without errors.

Record Billable Assets

Increase revenue by giving your supervisors the tools they need to accurately record the assets being used on each work site. Your accounts team will have the full picture at their fingertips for every single job and be able to bill out items accurately.

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